Subsea Operation

Subsea Operation

Capable Of Cutting Any Subsea Product in Less Than 5 Minutes

Subsea Operations

We have a long track record dating back to 2009 of cutting chains, flowlines, and rigid lines on various projects around the world for Exxon, Tullow Oil, Equinor and many more. Our system runs on any type of WROV system and do not require an umbilical to surface as it will operate through the ROV. The unique cutting method is not affected by high tensions or movements during the cutting process and will complete any cut that is started.

The Subsea Package

Control Cutter supply a full subsea package that consist of the Cutters e.g., FlowlineCutter, ChainCutter or ConductorCutter, and jumpers with hot stabs attached to a supplied hydraulic Belly/Back-Pack mounted on the WROV that are used to connect to the installed ROV panel on the Cutters. The system will only take up 2×3 meters on the deck and will be deployed by crane or winch down to 3000 meter water depth.


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