Hebron Release

Control Cutter has successfully released the mooring lines on ExxonMobil Canada’s Hebron platform, which is now being towed to its permanent location. Each of the 120mm mooring lines was cut in less than 15 mintes by Control Cutters new SubseaCutter.

During its construction, the Hebron Platform, which measures approx. 220meters in height and weights approx. 750,000 Tonnes, has been moored in Trinity Bay via nine R4 links. These major mooring chains needed to be released to allow the platform to be towed to its permanent location in the Jeanne D’Arc Basin, offshore Labrador and Newfoundland.

Control Cutter’s SubseaCutter was tested and qualified by ExxonMobil Canada and KKC in November 2016 and able to work with any type of ROV System. An agreement was signed in January 2017 to design and deliver six systems by the end of March 2017. 

After cutting the first three mooring lines in April, the six systems were installed on the remaining mooring lines in May. The initial plan was to release the Hebron Platform when the tow fleet, including 8 large anchor handling tug supply vessel, had been attached and were ready to tow the platform to its final location.

On the 2nd of June, the six remaining mooring lines were released using the SubseaCutters. All cuts were completed in 10-15 minutes. The SubseaCutters were deployed using an ROV System without any umbilical or strings attached from the surface.

“This is a major achievement for Control Cutter,” says Founder and CEO Petter Birkeland.,” I would like to thank ExxonMobil, KKC and the Hebron team for giving Control Cutter the opportunity. As the first application for our new SubseaCutter, we are extremely pleased with the performance of the tools. This adds momentum to a series of new projects where we have qualified the system to cut large flexible risers, conductors and casings in less than 5 minutes.”


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