Qualifications & Approvals


Today there is a legislation under the Norwegian Maritime Directorate stating that vessels should be able to release their weight within 10 seconds (Ref. ISO 7365). New-builds get dispensations because there has been no products or technology to date that meets these requirements. The Norwegian Maritime Directorate has put forward to IMO an amendment to the existing law that the 10 seconds requirement should be reduced to 3 seconds

ISO 7365

Shipbuilding and marine structures – Deck machinery – Towing winches for deep sea use

4.8 Emergency release

“4.8.1 The winch shall be designed to allow drum release in an emergency when hauling or rendering, or when the drum brake is applied. A maximum delay of 10 seconds from the moment the release is actuated to the drum being disengaged is acceptable.”


The prototype test was performed in May 2010 as a full-scale system witnessed and approved by DNV and Statoil. The purpose of the test was to qualify the system according to the legislations put forward in ISO 7365 from 1983 that in 1987 became a law under the Norwegian legislation. Four of the tests witnessed and approved by DNV in July 2010.

FMECA (Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis) AND HAZID CONDUCTED BY DNV-GL

A comprehensive three-day FMECA and HAZID workshop facilitated by DNV GL was conducted in October 2013 with satisfactory result.