Control Cutter’s Decom Cutter was tested and qualified by Statoil in July 2016, to ut 10″ and 8″ flexible risers, and verified to operate with any type of ROV system. Cutting time was less than 5 minutes.

In June 2017 Control Cutter performed a qualification test for cutting a 20″ Casing with an internal 13 5/8″ Casing and cement in between. The cut was done in less than 5 minutes. Using the Control Cutter technology you will save time and money. Normal practice today where a saw or diamond wire system is used will take two hours just for the cut. You also have to pin the casing to avoid the inner casing separating form the outer casing when tripping out of the hole. Each pin will take 30  minutes. Using the Control Cutter technology, you will avoid this as we squeeze the casing together. Overall you will save three hours per cut using our technology. Please contact Petter Birkeland for more info.