Control Cutter Awarded Skjalgssonprisen from Sola Municipality

In a celebration of local business excellence, Control Cutter emerged as the proud winner of the inaugural Skjalgssonprisen, presented by Sola Municipality on Thursday, February 15, 2024. The prestigious award ceremony, held at Clarion Hotel Air, brought together 70 entrepreneurs from various sectors within Sola’s thriving business community.

With this new business award, the municipality aimed to spotlight contributors to the local business community. To be considered, nominees had to demonstrate an ability for adaptation and innovation, contributing to or creating something both useful and utilised within the municipality.

Mayor Janne Stangeland Rege expressed pride in the municipality’s growing appeal for businesses, stating, “Sola has a business environment that has risen and prospered. I believe that collaboration with good business people and a municipality that is willing is crucial to achieving the good business we have today.”

Petter Birkeland, Founder of Control Cutter, shared his excitement upon receiving the award: “Wow. It’s incredibly exciting to experience something like this. We have worked diligently, faced setbacks, and persevered. This award is a recognition of the hard work and dedication of our team.”

The Skjalgssonprisen, named after Erling and Astrid Skjalgsson, aims to honour businesses contributing to innovation and economic growth in Sola Municipality.

Control Cutter’s success story serves as a testament to the resilience of entrepreneurs and the thriving business environment in Sola Municipality. The Skjalgssonprisen not only recognises past achievements but also heralds the promising future for Control Cutter and other innovative businesses in the region.

Sola Municipality, renowned for fostering a conducive environment for businesses, has been a crucial partner in Control Cutter’s journey since its inception in 2010.

Tjerand Tveit, Technical Manager at Control Cutter, acknowledged the global support received and commended Sola Municipality: “The municipality is very versatile and good at creating jobs in different sectors. It’s fantastic to do business in Sola, and receiving this prize is even more fantastic.”

Congratulations to all the businesses within the municipality that were also nominated for this prize.

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