Increase operational efficiency,
cut costs and increase safety

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Milestone in safety for crew and vessels

ControlCutter`s technology is the first of its kind and clearly contributes to a change in safety for crew and vessels hooked up to anchor chains or wires. In case of emergency, ControlCutter will ensure instant release in less than 3 seconds from heavy anchor and towing loads. This means that it will prevent both personnel and equipment damage and ultimately capsizing. The technology does not need any personnel on deck while operating and can be preinstalled or retrofitted.

Save time and reduce bollard pull requirement

Norwegian legislation states Norwegian flagged AHTS vessels should be able to release their weight in less than 10 seconds ref. ISO 7365.

Today AHTS vessels are not allowed to tension anchor chains with the gypsy without an emergency chain release mechanism, and must run out the entire chain length, change to wire and then tension the anchor. By installing ControlCutter as emergency chain release mechanism, the vessel is allowed to tension the chain with the gypsy, and thus eliminate a risky deck operation and save valuable time.

By being allowed to tension the chain with the gypsy the AHTS vessel furthermore only needs to deploy the exact length of anchor chain needed to set the anchor, and thus requires less Bollard Pull for tensioning. Meaning smaller vessels can be used for the same job, and larger vessels can take on bigger jobs.