Conductor Recovery

A complete solution for effective & safe conductor recovery

Conductor recovery

A complete solution for effective & safe conductor recovery

The Complete Service Provider

From engineering to execution! 

The Conductor  Decom Package includes all interface checks relating to Wellhead and Conductor for the initial drilling/pinning and lifting of the Wellhead to the cutting, pinning and lifting/handling of multistring casings using bespoke lifting arrangements. Control Cutter offers an upfront engineered approach and provides an holistic view to identify potential improvements areas in all phases of the operation. 

The Conductor Decom Package

Our offering includes everything to execute an efficient and safe conductor recovery operation.

Our Conductor Decom Package includes all equipment and calculations required to recover the wellhead and conductors. We section the multistring casing into the required lengths then lift, handle and prepare the sections for backloading. Our cutting and pinning tooling is incorporated into a single interface frame/table, and is remotely operated thus eliminating the requirement for string movement during cutting and pinning operations as its pre-set distances reduce handling and improve efficiency. The Conductor Decom Package ensures all elements of our clients conductor recovery operations are managed in a safe, efficient and environmental friendly manner.

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